Achieve Extraordinary Health!

Robyn's Favorite Tools

If you're serious about getting healthier, there are some tools I suggest you invest in, over time. On this page, I review the most important tools to ditch toxic habits, and adopt healthy ones.

These are my super-ninja secrets that cleaned up my lifestyle many years ago, and each one of them has an important role in my family's excellent health.



Best blender for a green
smoothie girl (or guy)

EMF Protection

Clean up EMF in
my environment

Skin Brush

Eliminate cellulite
and detoxify daily

Natural antibiotic (ACS)
and detoxifier (CytoDetox)

Culture Foods

Culture foods for
gut health, and replace
refined sugar & salt

Alkaline Water

Alkaline water
made affordable

Infrared Sauna

My home "retreat"
infrared sauna

Nontoxic Bed

Nontoxic bed (eliminated my
back pain overnight!)


Dehydrate to
preserve nutrition


At-home exercise
and detox

Ann Marie Skincare

The best natural skincare
I have found

Health Books

My favorite health books


Natural Oral Health Care


Immune Boosters