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  • Low-acidity, so it’s easy on your stomach, and your teeth 
  • No pesticides, chemicals, GMOs, or mycotoxins 
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Is Coffee a Healthy Choice? 

Coffee doesn’t have to make you jittery … burn you up with all the acids … and contribute to toxicity. 

Did you know? Coffee is actually the most heavily sprayed crop in the world. 

And, a 2003 study found that 91.7% of coffee tested contained molds.* 

However, good, clean coffee is loaded with antioxidants, and has other benefits, too. Like giving you energy, boosting your brain power, and potentially lowering your risk of dementia.** 

So, if you choose to drink coffee, you definitely want to choose coffee that’s CLEAN, and free from pesticides and harmful chemicals. 

Lifeboost Coffee is Robyn’s top pick … 

Lifeboost Coffee — the Delicious, Immune-Boosting, Low-Acid Healthy Coffee 

  • USDA certified organic
  • Shade grown & mycotoxin free
  • Low acid & easy on GI system
  • 2 year shelf life 

Why the pH of Coffee Matters 

The pH of the coffee you drink is important, because it could be the cause of any digestive issues. It can also contribute to stained and decaying teeth. 

The more acidic the coffee, the more chance you might experience issues. 

Lifeboost Coffee is pH proven to be up to 27.7% less acidic than common store-bought coffee brands — making it friendly for your stomach and your teeth! 

So, Try Lifeboost Coffee Today (or Gift It to a Coffee Lover)! 



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