Excalibur® Dehydrator

The Best-Rated Food Dehydrator in the World

  • My favorite appliance, 2nd to my BlendTec blender, for easily incorporating extraordinary plant-food nutrition into my snacks and meals. 
  • The best dehydrator you can choose for preserving the nutrition in raw foods — enzymes, vitamins, and minerals.  
  • Dehydrate fruit and vegetables. Make incredible raw crackers. Cheesy kale chips. And other healthy, LIVE snack foods. And so much more! 
  • Make long-lasting healthy foods for daily life, and emergency preparedness. 

A necessary tool for my 12 Steps to Whole Foods online course.

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 I Love My ExcaliburⓇ Dehydrator 

My ExcaliburⓇ Dehydrator is my raw food “oven.” 

I love getting the most nutrition out of my foods, enjoying unique and delicious snacks, and stocking my pantry with LIVE food (which means it’s full of enzymes). 

I especially love it when I have too much produce coming from my garden that I don’t want to go to waste. 

The temperature you use to dehydrate food, because at higher temperatures, raw foods begin to lose some of their sensitive enzymes and nutrients. You don’t want to dry raw foods above 116 degrees. 

Why ExcaliburⓇ Is The Best 

You can buy cheaper food dryers, but they won’t work as well … or be as healthy for you. 

Because what matters is being able to preserve the nutrition in raw foods. So you feel fantastic, have energy, and know you’re getting the most benefits possible from your food. 

Excalibur knows raw food well, and is used and endorsed by pre-eminent raw foodists (Cousens, Boutenko, Kulvinskas, and more). 

If you have a family, or want to do a bunch of food prep, you can make big batches, or make several recipes at once, with the 9-tray models, which I recommend. 

A few of the awesome features the Excalibur dehydrator has: 

  • Dark doors to avoid losing nutrition from light. 
  • The trays are removable and adjustable. 
  • Unique fluctuating air temperature, to keep food temperature low enough to keep enzymes active — while the air temperature gets high enough to overcome yeast, mold, and spoilage (unlike some other dehydrators). 

Why Dried Foods? 

Foods dried in a dehydrator preserve the nutrients in fresh foods, like fruits and vegetables. 

Dried foods can be tasty, nutritious, lightweight, easy to make, easy to carry, and great for traveling or on-the-go

Fresh foods go bad quickly. And bottled and canned foods must be used once you open them. Dried foods last for months, or even years when stored properly, and they don’t lose nutrients.

You can also fit more food into less space. And you’ll save money, too, because food won’t go to waste. 

One important thing to remember is to always drink water with dehydrated foods. Otherwise, they aggressively soak up all the liquids in your digestive tract, like stomach acids. 

What Can You Make with An ExcaliburⓇ Dehydrator? 

If you think of making anything in a dehydrator, it’s probably dried fruit, which you absolutely can do. There’s much more you can do, too!

You can use it to warm, not cook, dishes. You can make veggie burgers, zucchini bread, and more. 

You can even make yogurt in a dehydrator. 

It’s truly one of the most versatile kitchen appliances! 

Here’s one recipe — I have more in my 12 Steps to Whole Foods online course, like nutrient-rich crackers and flavored almonds.  

You might also wish to purchase my Crunchy Snacks Recipe ebookA food dehydrator is a great way to make live snacks and foods that nourish your well. 

And, it’s fun to use and try new recipes

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