Under the Sink Water Filter from Clearly Filtered

Remove Toxins & Contaminants from Your Tap Water, Easily!

  • If you want to achieve your best health, you need clean water! 
  • The Clearly Filtered 3-stage system removes up to 99.9% of 232+ contaminants (more than other water filter systems) & it’s independently tested to work 
  • And guess what it doesn’t remove? The good stuff. The beneficial minerals stay in your water, unlike RO systems 
  • This system is easy to install — non-permanent, no plumber required, & takes up little space (plus, it takes only 15 minutes or less to install!)
  • Simply attach it under your sink to your cold water line & you’ll have clean water from your faucet, for washing fruits & veggies & everything else you need...
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Clean, Non-Toxic Water Is One of the Top Investments I Recommend for Your Health (and Your Family)!

Staying hydrated is a secret step you may be missing for your health. But drinking from your tap water? Well, that’s risky! 

You and your family could be exposed to a wide range of nasty contaminants — without even knowing it!

What Do I Love About Clearly Filtered? 

Their under-the-counter filter system is as easy as it gets. And it doesn’t take up much space. 

Plus, it’s great for renters, because you can install it without causing any damage, and then, take it with you when you move

This may be the most powerful, easy-to-use water filtration system on the planet! 

It removes more contaminants at a higher rate of removal than any other option

You may have heard that reverse osmosis (RO) units are the gold standard. Well, Clearly Filtered is even better. 

And, you may have heard me talk about the supreme importance of minerals for your health. Get this: RO units remove minerals and other good stuff; Clearly Filtered does not! 

Plus, all Clearly Filtered products come with a Lifetime Warranty

What Does It Remove & How? 

The Clearly Filtered system is independently tested and extensively tested in-house to remove: 

  • Heavy metals 
  • Microplastics 
  • Pesticides and herbicides
  • Arsenic, lead, and chromium 
  • PFAS chemicals (linked to cancer and other concerns) 
  • Fluoride (using a proprietary system) 
  • And many many more harmful chemicals 

Enjoy Clean, Healthy Water from Your Tap!

Robyn loves all the Clearly Filtered products — because they are easy, affordable, and highly effective. If the Under The Sink filter is out of your current price range, the Water Pitcher is an excellent option. See all your options for clean, healthy water here

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