Sunlighten Amplify Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna

The #1 Sauna Robyn Recommends for Health & Healing

  • The next level for infrared therapy that gives you results
  • You’ll love having a soothing retreat, healing wellness center, and de-stressing zone IN YOUR HOME
  • Deep detoxification, massive & quick immunity boost, strengthen your heart, plus even more benefits 
  • Hotter, therapeutic heat for deeper healing 
  • At surprisingly affordable exclusive Group Buy pricing — for a limited time only! 
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Robyn’s #1 Tool for Aging Well, Staying Healthy, & Stress-Relief

Most people don’t know this…

Eating well and exercise are two essential pillars for excellent health. Another, though lesser known, is...HEAT! 

The most powerful—and easiest—way to gain the full benefits is with the RIGHT infrared sauna in your home. 

Feel Better, Do More, Live Fully 

Helps me relax and detox

“I use my Sunlighten Sauna two or three times a week, every week. As a busy executive and mom, I have very few minutes to myself. Nothing helps me relax and detox in the little time I have available like my personal sauna!” — Dr. Amy Myers, MD, Functional Medicine Doctor

Infrared saunas detox most efficiently 

“Infrared saunas detox most efficiently. They penetrate deeper than regular saunas, exciting fat molecules to vibrate and release toxins. Sunlighten is my favorite sauna; I believe they have the best technology and quality. I have one at home and use it daily.” 

 —  Dr. Alejandro Junger, MD, Functional Medicine Doctor

Helps me relax and unwind from the pressures of life

“It’s one of my mental health brain hacks that has helped me so much to relax and wind down from the pressures of life. My metabolism and clarity of thought have improved, and I have so much energy after a Sunlighten sauna session!” — Dr. Caroline Leaf, Cognitive Neuroscientist

Benefits You Might Gain with a Amplify Full Spectrum Sauna from Sunlighten 

  • Massively & quickly boost your immunity ANYTIME 
  • Achieve a deep detoxification for your cells  
  • Strengthen your heart 
  • Improve your mental clarity 
  • Ease feelings of anxiety & depression 
  • Relieve pain—in your joints, back, & more
  • Helps you avoid dementia & memory loss
  • Feel fantastic at the push of a button 

Why Does Robyn Love the Amplify Sauna from Sunlighten? 

You don’t want to choose the wrong sauna. 

The truth is, most saunas on the market have a number of problems that are potentially bad for you: 

  • Poor-quality wood that can mold and harbor bacteria 
  • Off-gassing harmful glues and stains
  • High levels of harmful radiation (EMFs) 
  • Or, a sauna that doesn’t get hot enough to make you sweat –  and to give you all the benefits shown by science. 

The Amplify Full-Spectrum Sauna from Sunlighten—available in a 2-person or 3-person—gives you the most-effective far infrared therapy for maximum physical benefits. 

Robyn Loves Her Infrared Sauna, Which Played a Huge Role in Her Healing Journey & Continues to Be Critical to Her Wellness & Sanity 

I believe saving up and obtaining your own sauna is worth EVERY penny. 

Don’t spend your health obtaining wealth, and then have to spend all your wealth trying to get your health back—like so many people I know are doing. Invest in your health as early as you can!

In 15+ years of my recommending infrared saunas— and thousands of my readers investing in one—NOT ONE has ever told me they’re sorry they did.

I get 100% rave reviews about how people feel after using their sauna. It’s the one piece of health equipment—-unlike that treadmill collecting dust in the corner—-that EVERYONE uses, regularly, because they love the benefits they get from it.”  

If health and feeling good are motivations for you, the Amplify infrared sauna from Sunlighten is going to blow you away with what it can do for you — and your family.


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