Relax Sauna – A Quick-Heating Infrared Sauna

An Amazingly Affordable, Portable, Easy-to-Use Sauna 

  • If you can’t afford a wood sauna or don’t have the space, this is what I recommend! 
  • This tent sauna heats up in 30 seconds, for a quick sweat 
  • It costs 80% less than a wood sauna, which I still recommend 
  • It’s portable. And easy to use and to clean 

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  • Product Description

Want A Sauna, But Can’t Afford A Wood One? Relax Sauna Is An Excellent Choice!

After 15 years of loving my wood sauna, I’ve been testing a portable “tent” sauna. 

I know times are tough, financially, so I’ve been researching an inexpensive way to get all the benefits of infrared heat. 

I had my doubts about a “tent sauna,” but I had to give it a try, for myself. And WOW, was I surprised.Where a wood sauna takes up a big corner of your room – this is a small and portable but durable solution that costs a fraction as much

With my exclusive discount that I negotiated for you, you may be able to get one for as little as $1,400 (depending on the discount already offered on their site).  

5 Reasons to Love Relax Sauna 

  • It’s amazingly affordable. It costs 80% less than a wood sauna – wow! 
  • It heats up in just 30 seconds. No more waiting to enjoy the relaxing, healing benefit of heat therapy! 
  • It’s easy to use & to clean. Minimal cleaning is required, with no chemical cleaners. 
  • It’s ready to ship right away. No more waiting months for your sauna to arrive! 
  • It’s low in EMF radiation. Tests show that if you use it the right way, your EMF exposure will be very low. 

Yes, You’ll Sweat! 

Sweating is powerful for detoxing and your health. 

With Relax Sauna, you’ll get an amazing sweat in only 10 or 20 minutes! 

How Does A Tent Sauna Work? 

Relax Sauna “tent saunas” saunas come with a chair and a carry bag, making them so easy to use. 

You can leave your head out of it, if you’re wearing makeup or don’t want your hair to sweat. Or, put your face under the tent, for the pores on your face to sweat, too, first thing in the morning, or at night.

Backed By A 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee! 

Plus, a one-year warranty. 

Relax Saunas usually last 10–14 years, though many last beyond 15 years. 

Repairs are seldom needed, because this is a durable product. 
If you consider the cost divided by 10 to 14 years, this investment in your health is as low as $100 a year, or $2 a week.

See Your Amazingly Affordable Relax Sauna Options Today!

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