Lettuce Grow Farmstand

Robyn Loves This Cheaper Vertical Growing Tool

  • Grow your own healthy food at home – in as little as 2 weeks! 
  • A hydroponic, vertical growing tool that’s easy to use 
  • Can be used indoors … or outside 
  • Takes up limited floor space
  • Lower cost than other similar tools – currently as low as $399
  • FREE organic seedlings with your purchase today! Use code GSG when you check out. 
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Make Indoor (or Outdoor) Gardening Easy — Robyn Loves Her Lettuce Grow 

No prior experience or knowledge needed. 

Imagine enjoying the highest-quality, best-tasting, nutrient-dense foods … from your own home! 

Growing your own healthy food only takes a few minutes each week to care for. 

You’ll feel empowered when you take control over your health … with rising food prices and lower quality found in the grocery stores. 

Robyn loves growing greens and herbs for fresh green smoothies and salads! 

It’s a delight to be able to garden indoors year-round with the Farmstand.” — Stephanie M. 

It’s So Easy! 

Making your own green smoothie greens – and more! – has never been so easy. 

The Lettuce Grow Farmstand is easy to assemble. No tools required

You can grow indoors – or outdoors – for yourself and your family, in just 4 sq. ft. 

You’ll use 98% less water, too. 

Lettuce Grow will deliver high-quality, organic seedling plants to get you started. 

They’ll be ready to harvest 50% sooner than if you grow from seeds. 

Easy to set up, easy to grow, easy on the eyes, and it’s easy to upkeep.” – Kimberly K. 

I was nervous because a cactus wouldn’t stand a chance with me, but my Farmstand is thriving!” — Sarah V. 

Everything You Need, All In One 

This is all you need to be successful:

  • A Sunny Outdoor Spot: Plants grow best with at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day.


  • 4 Square Feet of Level Space Indoors: Your Farmstand's footprint is 22" x 22" but we recommend a 2' x 2' area to ensure easy access to your plants.
  • Easy Access to Power & Water: The Farmstand needs constant power (using a GFCI outlet or GFCI outlet adapter) and to be refilled weekly.
  • Glow Rings (optional): If you are planning to use your Farmstand indoors, then you will need Glow Rings to provide your plants with the proper amount of light for healthy growth.

What Can You Grow? 

With your Farmstand, you can grow 12–36 plants

They source high-quality, non-GMO seeds, grown with organic practices. You won’t have to worry about the 50 known pesticides that can be used on store-bought produce. 

You choose what you want to grow in your Farmstand: 

  • Baby Lettuce, Bok Choy, Romaine & other greens – delicious in green smoothies 
  • Classic Butter Lettuce – perfect for healthy salads 
  • Tomatoes, juicy Strawberries, Herbs 
  • Mini Cucumbers … & much more!

One of the best decisions I’ve ever made – what a great investment in my health and our planet!” – Nina R. 

Just 3 Things You’ll Need to Do Weekly 

  • Fill your Farmstand with water until it’s 2–3 inches below the opening
  • Add nutrients 
  • Test and adjust your plants’ pH 

You should also take some time to inspect your plants to make sure they are free of pests and disease. 

How It Works — Grow Your Own Food Without the Hard Work! 

  1. Pick Your Farmstand 
  2. Select Your Seedlings 
  3. Pick, Plate and Eat … in as little as 2 weeks 


  • Grow Cups
  • Water pump
  • Analog Timer
  • Plant nutrients and scoops
  • pH down kit and related supplies
  • pH Down for optimal water


  • 12-36 ports: 6 plants per level 
  • Requires 4 sq. ft. of level space 
  • Assembled footprint: 22" dia. 
  • Assembled height: 44”-79” 
  • Weight (empty): 18 pounds 
  • Water tank capacity: 20 gallons 
  • Requires access to a GFCI power outlet
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FREE Seedlings for the GSG Community, for a Limited Time! 

Lettuce Grow’s seedlings are seasonally curated and grown using high-quality, non-GMO, organic seeds and raised using organic standards and practices. 

All of their seedling centers use organic pest management strategies and inspect orders before they are sent out.

They ship pre-sprouted seedlings that have been growing at our farms for at least three weeks. This ensures germination and drastically reduces the amount of time until your first harvest, so you can enjoy your plants sooner.

FREE seedlings to get you started. 
Use code GSG when you check out!


Lettuce Grow is what I've been looking for!!! This was my 4th venture into hydroponics. I gave the first one away, returned the 2nd and 3rd. I'm in love with Lettuce Grow!! So easy to set up and operate, and it works!!!” — Brook G.

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