Replacement Filters from Clearly Filtered

For Water Pitchers, Under The Sink Filters, Fridge Filters, and Filtered Water Bottles 

  • Staying hydrated with clean water is one of Robyn’s TOP health recommendations — is your home water safe? 
  • Keep your water clean by regularly replacing the filters in all your Clearly Filtered products
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Under The Sink Replacement Filters 

  • Filters last for 2,000 gallons — an average of 12 months* before needing to be replaced 
  • All 3 filters are replaced at the same time 
  • Easy, simple-twist method to replace. Just screw off the old filters and replace them with the new ones. No need to turn off the water. 

Here are their guidelines for replacing Under The Sink filters: 

Individuals: 15 months 
2 People: 15 months
3-4 People: 12 months
4+ People: 9 months

Water Pitcher Replacement Filter 

  • 100 gallon filter life 
  • Lasts an average of 4 months before needing to be replaced 

Here’s what they recommend for replacing Water Pitcher filters: 

Families: 2–3 months
Couples: 3–4 months
Individuals: 4–6 months

Fridge Filter 

  • Easy to change, and don’t need tools
  • 365 gallon filter life — about 12 months 

Water Bottle Filters

  • Compatible with all Clearly Filtered water bottles (glass, Tritan, and Insulated Steel bottles)
  • Lasts for 25 gallons (133 fill ups), or 6 months 

Here’s what they recommend for replacing Water Bottle filters: 

If you fill up twice per day, you’ll need to replace your filters about every 2 months.
If you fill up once per day, replace them every 4 months. 

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