Alkaline Water Ionizer from Tyent

Turn Your Home Water Into Clean, Healthy Water

A water ionizer is one of the best investments you can make in your health. It was a GAME CHANGER for my family’s health. This kitchen appliance transforms your tap water into pure, non-toxic, alkalizing, antioxidant-rich water at the push of a button.

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The Water You Drink is a Critical Component of Good Health. 

Are You Drinking the Healthiest, Cleanest Water Possible? 

You know you need water. Yet, have you thought about the quality of the drinking water in your home? 

Tap water in the U.S. is too often full of contaminants, such as chlorine, heavy metals, and pharmaceutical residues. That’s why you need filtered water...

Water from a Tyent Water Ionizer Is Clean & Filtered

First of all, a water ionizer from Tyent filters your water to get rid of toxins. 

And, it gets even better...

Water from a Tyent Water Ionizer Also Has Added Health Benefits 

After filtration, the tap water goes through a process called ionization. 

The water is electrically separated into 2 streams: alkaline and acidic. 

Alkaline water is for drinking and cooking. Acidic water is for cleaning and other uses. 

The alkaline (drinking) water from a Tyent Water Ionizer has 3 main benefits over regular water: 

  • Non-acidic (alkalizing) pH — important for slowing aging, preventing disease, and losing weight
  • Antioxidant potential — which regular water doesn’t have 
  • Molecular hydrogen — one of the smallest, most potent, and unique antioxidants 

How Can Ionized Alkaline Water Help You? 

One of the health benefits of alkaline water my children and I noticed right away was a significant increase in energy

Other top benefits include: 

  1. Creating an inhospitable environment for disease
  2. Detoxifying and promoting weight loss 
  3. Lowering stroke and heart disease risk
  4. Helping manage blood sugar 
  5. Reducing osteoporosis risk  
  6. Boosting your longevity 
  7. Slowing down aging
  8. And more!

Not All Alkaline Water Is the Same

You could find bottled alkaline water at stores or get it delivered to your home, but...

The best and most efficient way to enjoy alkaline water is with a Tyent Water Ionizer in your kitchen

Bottled water is wasteful and harmful to the planet. And ionized alkaline water does NOT keep well in plastic bottles. Ultimately, it loses its charge and its benefits.

I Love My Water Ionizer

I’ve had my own water ionizer installed under my sink for years now—and I love it! 

A friend told me about it 10 years ago. She said the health gains were so impressive that they rivaled her shift to a vegan, mostly raw diet years before when she was diagnosed with cancer.

Enjoy Ionized Alkaline Water in Your Home 

A water ionizer is an investment in your long-term health. 

Like a healthy diet, the water you drink makes a huge difference if you want to minimize your disease risk and optimize your health and vitality.

I spent several months researching alkaline water: studying, talking to experts and people who own water ionizers, interviewing company reps, and testing alkaline water from different machines. I trust the alkaline water ionizers from Tyent. 

Why I Recommend Tyent Water Ionizers 

Tyent Water Ionizers are certified to be free of chemicals and lead. Which, sadly, isn’t true of all water ionizers. 

With Tyent, you get powerful, customizable filters to clean your water. And then, the water ionizer features medical-grade mesh that is strengthened by titanium plates dipped in platinum, for enhanced performance. 

A water ionizer is a true investment for your health. Tyent Water Ionizers are certified medical devices in Korea, where they’re used by thousands of doctors across Asia. 

Plus, they’re lifetime warranty has no stipulations and zero fine print, because they believe in their products. 

Add A Tyent Water Ionizer to Your Home for Game-Changing Benefits!

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