Filtered Water Bottles from Clearly Filtered

Enjoy Clean, Non-Toxic Water On-the-Go, Anywhere!

  • Stay hydrated & stay healthy (fill up your water bottle & filter it while you’re out) 
  • Removes 99.9% of 220+ contaminants (fluoride, heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides, and more) 
  • Multiple water bottle options to fit your needs (glass & medical-grade Tritan | 12oz, 20oz, 24oz)
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Staying Hydrated Is Key for Health. But Tap Water Is Full of Contaminants!

When you need to drink water away from home, what do you do? 

Most water from a faucet isn’t clean. 

Because the water supply is unsafe — with industrial chemicals, fluoride (linked to cancer), heavy metals, PFAFs (forever chemicals) and more. 

With A Filtered Water Bottle from Clearly Filtered, You’ll Have Clean Water On-the-Go

Wherever your day takes you, simply fill up your water bottle, and you’ll have clean, delicious water. 

Take it to the gym, restaurants, and water fountains anywhere.

Enjoy Clean Water All the Time with A Clearly Filtered Water Bottle!

Robyn loves all the Clearly Filtered products — because they are easy, affordable, and highly effective. Her #1 recommendation is the Under The Sink filter. See all your options for clean, healthy water here.  

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