Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

An Easy Tool for Relaxation & Wellness in Your Home

An infrared sauna from Influence Sauna is my #1 favorite tool for aging well and staying healthy. Getting into my sauna is a pleasant, soothing experience. It’s fantastic for detoxification. And it can be a NEEDLE-MOVER for people’s health.

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Support Your Health & Well-Being with the Healing Power of Heat

Why is an infrared sauna one of the best investments you can make in your health?

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You’ll discover:

  • What SCIENCE says about infrared saunas
  • How regular sauna use can improve your health—and your life
  • How to use your sauna for the most benefits

Most of us aren’t getting enough sun. We’re losing out on its healing benefits that people got for thousands of years.

A Sauna Is Like Having Your Own Wellness Center, Retreat, & Destressing Zone

I love my sauna. And everybody I know who owns an infrared sauna loves it and gets in it all the time. It’s a really positive, pleasant experience.

I’ve encouraged hundreds of people to get a sauna in their home. People tell me it blows their mind how their infrared sauna has changed their health.

A sauna engages your body’s NATURAL healing and health-supporting mechanisms, through healing infrared rays, and can help you:

  1. Enhance weight loss
  2. Detoxify
  3. Relieve pain
  4. Keep your heart healthy
  5. Boost immunity
  6. Improve mental health
  7. Ease anxiety & depression
  8. Support relaxation
  9. Enjoy clear, healthy skin


Not All Infrared Saunas Are the Same

You don't want to get tricked into buying a cheap, low-quality sauna that will be a waste of your money.

Low-quality heaters can fail or cause a fire in your house. And in some cases, the company has already gone out of business when your sauna starts a fire, so there’s nothing you can do.

After spending 12 years researching and understanding the technologies and materials used in saunas, I know what to look for in a quality sauna.

Why I Love the Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas from Influence Sauna

I chose the manufacturer of Influence Sauna for a reason. I looked into their sourcing, and I’m impressed by their high standards.

3 qualities I love about Influence Saunas:

  • THERAPEUTIC HEAT. Research shows that higher sauna temperatures have health benefits. Influence Saunas get to 170° safely and efficiently.
  • WOOD. The cedar won’t mold—and NO toxic stains, glues, or chemicals are used in construction.
  • LOW-EMFs. One of the few infrared saunas that have taken the necessary steps to lower radiation levels within the sauna.

When you improve your relaxation with the healing power of heat, you improve your health!

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