RedRush 360 – Red Light Therapy for Your Home

Look & Feel Better. Beautiful Skin, Pain Relief, Energy, & More! 

  • This is the portable, easy-to-use red light therapy device I recommend for your home – and travel 
  • Gain the benefits of light – a nutrient all our cells need … red light + infrared light in one device
  • Benefits: increased energy, reduced inflammation & pain, younger-looking skin, increased fat loss, & more! 
  • Powerful yet affordable … with super low EMFs 
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Red Light Therapy: A Proven Tool for Health & Longevity Now Made Available for Your Home

Did you know that light is actually a nutrient that can aid your health and longevity? 

Getting more sunshine is one of the best things you can do for your health. But, our modern culture is deprived of health-giving light. 

Certain wavelengths (red and infrared light) can help power up our cells, affect hormones and neurotransmitters, balance our mood, enhance physical performance, quicken recovery from stress, improve sleep, and positively affect the expression of our genes. 

The fact is, the human body needs light to be healthy

Why red and infrared light? 

These wavelengths of light are able to penetrate deeper into the body (into cells, tissues, blood, nerves, rods and cones of the eyes, the brain, and into the bones) and stay in the layers of the skin. 

Most other wavelengths of light are unable to penetrate the body. This deeper effect is why they are so incredibly healing. 

What are some proven benefits of red light therapy? 

  • Make your skin look younger with all the anti-aging effects 
  • Lose fat 200% faster than with diet and exercise alone 
  • Reduce cellulite 
  • Eliminate pain & chronic inflammation 
  • Heal and recover faster 
  • Protect your immunity 
  • Boost your metabolism & your thyroid 
  • Optimize your brain health (anxiety, depression, neurological disease) 
  • Enjoy more energy 

These are only some of the science-backed benefits. Scientists have accumulated 2,000+ studies on the power of red and infrared light. 

If you want to know more about why it works and the research behind it, I recommend reading Ari Whitten’s book Red Light Therapy

How to use it? 

  • It’s portable (weighs 13 lbs) – use it anywhere in your home … & while you travel – sitting, standing, or lying down 
  • Simply hang it from any door, so it's always ready when you need it
  • Or, place it on a table, chair, or the ground 
  • Use it as a spot treatment, like for back pain … or use it on your whole body
  • Position yourself 18” away & expose the desired area of your body (or your whole body) to the light for only 5–7 minutes

I like to use mine while watching TV and under my bike while I exercise. 

A great deal! 

Medical and high-end light devices cost 5,000 to 30,000. Or you’d have to go to a clinic regularly and pay around $75-$300 per treatment. 

Not with this device. It’s made with the same power density and wavelengths as bigger devices – but made for your home. 

Expensive laser devices have been around for many years. While it was once thought that these lasers had special characteristics not possessed in other sources, it’s now clear that LEDs can have the same wavelengths and power – with essentially no difference … for a fraction of the cost. 

People love the RedRush 360

“I purchased the RedRush 360 and am very pleased. It is compact, easy to use and only takes 20 min to treat my entire body.” – Kandace 

“I’ve been using the RedRush 360 for about 3 months. It was easy to set up on the back of my bathroom door. And, the app is simple to install and use. I mainly use the Overall (skin, health, energy) option. It gives me a noticeable boost in my energy and mental focus every time I use it.” – Rob

“Red rush is my go-to recovery tool after my workouts. I can feel my joints mobilizing and muscles relaxing after 10 min under the lights. I have the light placed on top of my couch, so I get direct exposure to my upper back and neck where I carry the majority of my tension. I also find it very helpful after deadlifting on my hamstrings... Red rush is versatile and compact, enabling me to target specific muscle groups, a truly powerful tool.” – Stefen

“Red light therapy has been the missing piece to my health regime. I originally purchased the unit to rehabilitate a torn hamstring from 10 years ago, what it offered was much more. Not only has the pain massively decreased, I’ve used the light to settle down inflammation in my skin, which results in younger looking skin. I couldn’t recommend this healing modality more.” – Sam

Is it safe? 

Red light therapy is very safe. After 3,000+ clinical studies, there are no known negative side effects

Near-infrared (NIR) and red light therapy devices have been FDA-approved for several purposes so far, including anti-aging, hair-loss reversal, acne treatment, pain relief, slow to heal wounds, fat loss, among other purposes. 

And, yes, you can use it with children.  

No risks – return policy 

Red Light Therapy Co. gives you a 60-day trial after you purchase the RedRush 360. Simply contact the company if you’re not happy. (The item must be received in like-new condition with all the original accessories.) 

Red light therapy is legit 

Overall, red light and infrared therapy can be powerful tools for your health, healing, beauty, and longevity. But, you must use them regularly. That’s why having a powerful, effective device in your home is so important.

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