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I’ve read a number of books about nutrition over the years. These are some of my favorite resources for information and recipes. I highly recommend these books to anyone who wants to add more whole and raw plant foods into their diet.

The world’s most important books on nutrition

Books for Parents


These are some of the best books on nutrition that I have found. I strongly encourage you to read them and become more educated about what good nutrition really is.

It’s a tough job to educate kids about eating right, but I have found some books that are very helpful. Also included in this list are books for parents that cover issues like vaccination and breastfeeding.

Gardening is the #1 way to save money eating a plant-based diet. These books are a great source of information for anyone wanting to grow their own food.

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Raw Food


Fitness & Nutrition

I advocate eating a 60-80% raw plant foods diet, which is very different from the type of food you find in most cookbooks. These recipe collections are great for finding raw dishes to eat that are both healthy and delicious.

Cleansing is essential to good health. These books will help you learn how to rid your body of toxins and parasites for better health.

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