xZubi 5-Pack (Robyn’s #1 EMF Protection)

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“I like having peace of mind that each xZubi helps protect my loved ones and I from EMF exposure.” — Lisa A.

  • EASY to use — Simply stick to all your electronic devices! 
  • Inexpensive — Compared to other solutions that may not work 
  • Proven to work — Patented & tested to block negative effects of radiation 
  • Grab packs for you, your family, and friends — for 50% off now!

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Grab packs at our lowest price ever, for you, your family, and friends — for 40% for a limited time or until supplies run out!

xZubi, a U.S. patented technology, protects you from the effects of harmful radiation. Put one on the back of your cell phone, as well as your PC screen, TV screen, and microwave oven.

Your child’s brain is highly susceptible to damaging EM radiation emitted from cell phones and other electromagnetic devices. Children are exposed to EM radiation emitted from devices such as cordless phones, tablets, MP3 players, laptops, PCs, TVs, gaming consoles and microwaves.

Your brain is vulnerable, too. But your child’s brain is still developing, and highly sensitive. Although children often prove to be hard-headed at times, their skulls are not as thick and protective as an adult’s! Radiation emitted by cell phones have proven to penetrate over 85% through the brain of a 5-year old, potentially damaging human DNA.

Brain and other cancers, autism, and numerous other health problems are linked by many studies to the radiation exposure from cell phones. This has troubled me for a long time, and I’ve investigated options. 




I’ve discovered a technology that protects you and your loved ones. It’s much easier to use, very inexpensive, and significantly mitigates the effects of harmful radiation from items we use every day that emit EMF (electromagnetic fields).


All you have to do is stick the xZubi Disc anywhere on the back (or battery) of your cell phone. The xZubi Disc utilizes para-magnetic properties to attenuate and mitigate electromagnetic radiation emitted from cell phones and other electronic devices that we use every day.

Please make sure you put a xZubi Disc on your microwave (which emits radiation into your kitchen as it cooks), TV screens, PCs, laptops, tablets, MP3 players, gaming consoles, WiFi routers, baby monitors, and cordless phone handsets.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s in the disc?

The xZubi Disc is made from high grade materials utilizing paramagnetic properties, exclusive to xZubi, that significantly reduce the effects on human cells and organs of electromagnetic radiation emitted by electronic and wireless devices. It minimizes the user’s exposure to potentially harmful radiation—with absolutely no effect on the signal strength or performance of your device.

Why are children at a greater risk?

Children’s brains and bodies are still growing which makes them more to susceptible to harm. Did you know that it’s been proven that a two-minute cell phone call alters a child’s brain function for an hour? Think about it—during their lifetime, they’ll spend more time with portable electronic devices than any generation before them. They’ll eventually be living with technologies and devices that don’t exist right now.

Has it been tested?

Independent tests in U.S. Government FCC certified, independent testing labs have proven that the xZubi Disc significantly reduces the impact on human brain function and energy and cell health of EMF radiation, which reduces potential harmful effects. In this way, xZubi discs make your cell phones and other electronic devices safer for you to use.

Is it difficult to install? Do I have to turn it on?

Just affix the xZubi Disc to the outside back of any cell phone or electronic device. It’s small, self-adhesive and so unobtrusive, you’ll forget it’s there! Once applied, the xZubi Disc goes to work to fully defend you and your loved ones from potentially harmful radiation emissions. You need only one xZubi for each electronic device you own.

The scientists behind the xZubi Disc:

Dr. Joie Pierce Jones received his Bachelors and Masters degrees in physics and applied mathematics from the University of Texas, and his PhD degrees in physics from Brown University. He is an advisor to the Obama administration, a member of the Presidential Science and Technology Committee and a Professor of Radiological Sciences at UC Irvine. The author of four books, he holds more than 50 patents and currently serves as an advisor to government agencies including the United Nations.

Dr. Dennis Maness has a PhD in Education and Psychology as well as a Master of Science in Neuroscience from Laureate University. He is board certified in both neurotherapy and neurofeedback. A biofeedback instructor, he holds six certifications in neurosciences and has developed new treatment modalities in neuroplasticity sound therapy and gyment lobe specific brain communications technologies. Dr. Maness was the recipient of a Living Legacy award in 2009.

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